Solutions, not Products

The Small and Medium Business (SMB) market requires solutions that solve their needs and makes everyone's job easier, much easier.

Deep integration between Solutions is essential to eliminate manual steps and errors. Do not automate the job away, automate the integration.

A (small) e-commerce platform? 

If you need a new e-commerce platform or the modernization of your existing platform, you are at the right place.

Good enough is not enough to compete against the big marketplaces. You need an e-commerce platform that will scale and meet your future business needs or enable a new a new business idea.

Deep integration to your ERP, Search Engines, Logistics and Trading Partners need not be expensive or complicated. It must "just" work.

You have outgrown your Bookkeeping software?

A modern company needs modern tools. Products and Warehousing to Accounting to Customer Relationship Management (CRM). One ERP platform where your data is available to your employees so that they can make informed decisions. You did not hire the best people you could find, for them to do Excel all day long.

Industry that needs modernization?

Industries are needing Software Innovation Today. Software is rapidly transforming how every industry operates. But some sectors have much more urgent needs. Extensive real-time monitoring and leveraging supply chain, logistics, inventory, and operations data analytics through software that is available today. Not marketing promises of tomorrow.

Who we are

A small company that knows how small companies function. Your challenges are our challenges to solve.

Why the logo, why that name?
The Marula Tree (Sclerocarya birrea) is a single stemmed tree with a wide spreading crown.
“Alkebulan” is said to be the first reference to the continent of Africa.
"Helvetic" refers to the ancient inhabitants of the Alps, now Switzerland

The CEO has lived and worked in Switzerland and South Africa. Hence the name.
With the precision of a Swiss, and the solution-focused mindset of a South African, everything can be solved.